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Boudoir Photography

Can a picture be sexy and classy at the same time? If you're looking for an image that captures your beauty and personality at its most alluring, it must find that balance between sexy and classy. Schedule a boudoir photography session with Shutterbug Photography and discover a seductive version of you that's hidden from the world at large. We'll work together to bring out your inner temptress.

Maternity Photography

There are special times in a woman's life, and then there are life-changing events. Going through pregnancy would be categorized in the latter. A woman feels an inner glow that no one else can experience. She takes on a particular radiance that is all-surrounding, yet fleeting. While your life and body transformation is still in process, schedule a maternity shoot with Shutterbug.

Private and Personal Yakima, Washington Photo Shoots

Photography for a woman, by a woman - that's Shutterbug Photography

Treat your loved one—or yourself—to a classy and thoroughly sexy version of you. Shutterbug Photography is now scheduling private photo sessions in the Yakima area, catering to your boudoir and maternity photography interests.

We're bringing our years of experience operating a photography studio in Arizona right here to Yakima, and getting the word out about our talent of bringing out the beauty in every woman.

Let us expand your vision of yourself by scheduling a 15-minute, no obligation consultation session at our private home studio. Explore the wonder of you: call 509-859-6029 today.

Evening and weekend appointments are available.